Saturday, 29 September 2018

Applicators for stencil marking

You can have a choice of fountain roller or brush, One Shot roller with ink cartridge or just simply a hand roller for practical and economical reason. Hand roller with ink pad uses stencil marking inks for permanent, weather resistent, fast dry, easy to use to mark on all surfaces, both porous (absorbent) or non-porous (non- absorbent) materials. 

Ink Pad
Replacement Roller

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Diagraph Stencil Marking Inks.

Diagraph stencil marking inks are bottled & packed originally from the factory in USA. We import directly from the factory & immediate delivery can be arranged from ready stock in Singapore. It gives a strong contrast, fast dry, permanent & weather resistent. It's suitable for marking all surfaces; porous ( absorbent like wood & corrugated board) & non-porous (non absorbent like metal & plastic). It comes in gallon and quart (1 litre) size container with label on it.