Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Heavy Duty Tensioner & Strap Dispenser for Steel & PET Strap

We are pleased to introduce and recommend to our customer the heavy duty push-type tensioner Model MIP 1620 for steel strapping and heavy duty strap dispenser Model MIP 9000 for PET strap, both models are manufactured and imported originally from USA. JK strap dispenser (made in Sweden) is suitable for both steel and PET strap. Call us today +65 6758 7117 for details or demonstration at your warehouse/factory.
Model MIP 9000 - Heavy Duty Strap Dispenser for Steel or PET Strapping
JK Strap dispenser for steel & PET strap with inner diameter of 406mm (16")
Model MIP 1620 Heavy Duty Push-Type Tensioner for Steel Strapping