Saturday, 20 June 2015

Model SC-5

Watch the video clip on the operation of Model SC-5 Diagraph Electronic Stencil Cutter (made in USA) for cutting shipping signs and logos. Clean, fast and easy to use. Cut alphanumeric in various sizes in upper or lower case with logos on stencil oilboard or mylar material. We provide in-house training on the software and its applications. The unit is supported with technical and after-sale support. 
Model SC-5 Electronic Stencil Cutter from Diagraph of USA

Model JK35T590

Watch the video clip on the operation of Model JK35T590 Josef Kihlberg Pneumatic Stapler which can be used to fasten corrugated board to corrugated board, or corrugated carton boxes or angle board to wooden pallet.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Eco Packing

You can protect our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling the packing materials. You can become eco friendly in innovating and improving your present method of packing. It is becoming more and more popular in using and combining corrugated board and wood in making your packing boxes. You use the wooden frame as support and the corrugated board as inner box lining. It is also lighter in weight and save on your handling and shipping cost. To protect your shipment, you can reinforce and strengthen the packed boxes with steel strapping as shown in the photos.

Innovative idea - using wood and corrugated board to construct the packing box.

Using corrugated board as inner box lining - light weight save on your shipping cost.

Corrugated board are fastened to the wooden frame with staples.

Easy, fast and clean to fastened the box lining with corrugated board and staples.

Constructed box can be further strengthen and reinforced with strapping.