Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Steel Strap Cutters

For safe and effortless cutting of steel strap, we recommend you to use the MIP strap cutters. First, the cutters are made of special quality steel with razor sharp blade that make cutting of steel strap easy and fast. Second, the design of the cutters with flat base make it easy to insert to underneath the tensioned strap. To prevent injury and backlashing (spring back) of the cut strap, we recommend you to hold down one side of the tensioned strap with your palm before cutting the strap. MIP tools are made and imported originally from the factory in USA.
MIP Steel Strap Cutter Model 2100

MIP Model 2100 with flat base and safety latch

MIP Model 2300 Extra Heavy Duty Steel Strap Cutter

Model 2300 with razor sharp edge blade