Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Load Securing - Lashing

It is important to lash and secure your load in the container to prevent injuries to the cargoes handlers when opening the container doors or avoid damage to the goods during shipment. You can use lashing to secure and fasten your loads in the container to prevent movement of your loads during handling, transporting and shipping. If your finished products are value-added and packed in a uniform size and shape, such as, palletized loads, we propose and recommend you to consider using air bags. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Contract Packing - Palletizing

ANW provides packaging solutions not only on technical know-how, supply of materials and equipment; strapping - steel and polyester, marking - stenciling, labeling, coding and ink-jet printing, fastening - stapling and nailing. We have diversified and can supply both materials and labour to pack your finished products for export and overseas shipments in your warehouse. We adopt 3R approach in our packing - reduce, reuse and recycle to save and protect our environment. For new start-up or SME, if the export volume does not justify to buy or invest in the materials or manpower, they can consider to outsource their packing operations to ANW.